Working from home is one of the convenient jobs today and selling diaper cakes is a good

business idea. Since diapers are non-perishable products, they can be easily stored and sold. In

fact, they can be stored for years without the worries of spoiling.


In connection, diaper cakes can be sold even at the comfort of your home. It is a product that

doesn’t need to be put in a store or a commercial space. If you decided to sell diaper cakes, you

should not be worrying about where to sell it. You have an option to sell it without going out of

your house.


Why Is It Considered To Be A Good Business?


The idea of selling diaper cakes is a practical business nowadays. Selling a product that

doesn’t spoil is already a big advantage since there will be no wastage. With this business idea,

entrepreneurs will surely earn much while having minimum expenses.



Selling diaper cakes is a good business from home because the product is non-

perishable. This means that it can be stored for years without the worry of spoilage. Since

diapers are basically made of plastic, it is expected to remain intact for a long period of time.

Unlike food businesses, some products can get spoiled; hence, the cost of business operations

may increase.



Diaper cakes are unique. At first glance, you won’t even notice that what you are seeing

is a pool of diapers and not a cake. Most people mistakenly think of it as edible, but it is not.

Since it is not a gift that we often see, it makes a good present, too.



The business of selling diaper cakes has less operating costs because there is no

expense for the wastage. If you are in a food business, it is inevitable to incur costs in food

handling and from those that go to wastes. With diaper cake business, you can be assured that

the product will not perish for a long time.



The idea of making diaper cakes is a hobby and a business at the same time. If you are a

person who loves art and crafts, this will be a good business for you. Building a diaper cake can

really be fun and exciting where you are hitting two birds in one stone.



This business needs only a little investment. There aren’t much tools and devices

needed in building diaper cakes. All it takes is to have artistic hands and few materials to start

with the business.



Though it only needs a little capital, you can earn as much as you want. Diaper cakes are

easy to sell so there should be no worry of not being able to sell it. Since diapers are not getting


spoiled, the profit is also at its maximum.



The business of selling diaper cakes is easy to advertise. If you do it at home, all you

need to do is to post some of your work in different networking sites. You can also create a blog

site that will feature your designs, and you will easily get customers with less effort.



The market for diaper cakes is broad because a baby is born every single minute. In

addition, expectant mothers love the idea of having baby showers, so this becomes an in-

demand gift idea.


Benefits of Diaper Cake Business


Aside from the reasons on why selling diaper cakes is such a good business idea, there are still

several benefits to get out of it. A diaper cake business is beneficial to those who love to attend

baby showers because this gift is a practical present. Aside from its main purpose, it is also

convenient to carry around.


Second, it does not just benefit the buyer but also the recipients since they are able to use it in

two ways. For an expectant mother who received a diaper cake, she can use the diapers for her

baby after giving birth. Diaper cakes can also be used as a center piece in a table during your

child’s occasion such as christening, birthday and baby shower.


Pricing of Diaper Cakes


The price for diaper cakes varies. Actually, you can find one depending on your budget. They

can be as cheap as $10 and as expensive as $170. In this case, you can adjust and find one that

will suit your budget.


There are some factors that might affect the pricing of diaper cakes. They are the following:



Brand of diapers – For diaper cakes that make use of branded and expensive diapers,

the price will definitely be affected. If the recipient is very particular with the brand of diapers

used, you might as well think twice. You may find sellers who make use of good quality diapers,

but make sure to be prepared in paying the cost. If you don’t care about the diaper brand, you

may want to check those that have the lowest prices.



Difficulty of the design – Some diaper cakes have simple designs, while others were

made out of exceptional talent and skills. If you are on a limited budget, you may want to look

for cakes that are simple yet presentable. However, if you want to get an extravagant and in-

demand theme, you may do so but make sure to be willing to pay that much.


Size of the cake - Diaper cakes vary in sizes depending on what the customer wants. A




diaper cake can have a single layer, and as much as four layers. The one that uses few diapers

will cost lower as compared to a cake that uses many diapers due to having four layers.



Seller - Some diaper cakes are sold cheaper as compared to others because those are

home-made. This is what they call business from home. Since there is no rental fee to pay for,

the price can be way too low. If you buy from malls or from stores, you can expect to pay much.


How to Advertise Your Diaper Cake Business


Nowadays, advertising your diaper cakes can be very easy and convenient with the help of

technology. If you are making them from home, all you need is a reliable computer and internet

connection. Social networking sites can be used in marketing and advertising products and

services. If you sell your diaper cakes online, you can just take some pictures and post them in

your Facebook, Twitter, or Multiply account. Never forget to include your contact information

so they are not at lost on they can get a hold of you. Include your phone number, email

address, and Skype ID, if possible.


Another way of advertising your business is through flyers and brochures. To do this, create

as many themes as possible and take some pictures. Compile the images and hire someone to

create a flyer or brochure. The key to this is an attractive presentation of the diaper cakes and

the way it is presented to the target market. If you are able to make it enticing and elegant, you

will definitely gain customers.


In our current time, people usually go for practical and one-of-a kind products. With such,

selling diaper cakes is indeed a good business and a gift idea that is most-loved by mothers.

All You Need to Know About Diaper Cakes