The difficulty of creating diaper cakes may depend on several factors. Others may find it to

be just a piece of cake if they are into designing and has an inclination to creative artistry. On

the other hand, those who have no idea in designing may find it really challenging. However,

building diaper cakes is one of the exciting things to do, especially if you are going to give it as a

gift to someone special.


Diaper cakes became popular because of their uniqueness and use. A diaper cake can already

give the recipient two options on how to make use of it. First, diaper cakes were created in

order to use it as a center piece on a gift table. With this, it can catch the attention of every

person who will glance at it. As a result, it is considered to be a unique present. Second, diaper

cakes can be used for the baby after the occasion. Since it is made of “real” diapers, mothers

can use them just how they are supposed to be used. Either way, recipients can still benefit

from this practical gift idea.


Considerations in Making Diaper Cakes


In creating diaper cakes, it is important to determine some factors that might affect the whole

process. These considerations are important in order to improve the process and make it hassle

free for anyone. If you are interested to make one for yourself, make sure to check on these




Know the recipient. It is very crucial to know if you are giving it to a baby boy or baby

girl. The gender is the first factor to check since this will determine the design that you may use.

For a baby girl, look for designs that use pink as the primary color and patterns such as Disney

princess, flowers, teddy bears and many more. On the other hand, a baby boy can receive

diaper cakes with super heroes for a theme.



Know your budget. Before buying or creating diaper cakes, you need to set a budget for

yourself. Ask yourself if you are willing to pay that much for a diaper cake, or just limit yourself

on a set budget. You can find a diaper cake as cheap as $10 or as expensive as $170.



Know the size. Diaper cakes have different sizes. The smallest size is the one made with

a single layer, and you can also have as high as four layers. A single layer diaper cake only uses

few diapers while it is required to buy hundreds of diapers for a large sized diaper cake.



Know the types of materials. Since the main material used is diapers, you need to

determine if you are going to use branded diapers or just the cheap ones. Some mothers are

not particular with the brand, but others do. Make sure to confirm this preference in order to

avoid wastage.


Important Things to Remember


In building diaper cakes, it is important to do the simple techniques in order to ensure the

cake’s stability and durability. These techniques are very useful and contribute in the outcome

of the cake.



In building your diaper cakes, you need to learn the proper way of rolling the diapers.

Normally, rubber band is used to hold its position, but you can also use a tape or glue to ensure

stability. It is important to do the rolling properly since this contributes in the final shape of the




Put the diapers together in a side by side manner. In this way, you can form the shape of

a cake. If the diapers are not properly rolled, they might get lose and ruin the whole design. If

you want to make sure that your diaper cakes are stable, you can use glue instead of rubber




Each diaper has a plastic design in front so to hide that, use a colorful ribbon. Once the

diapers are rolled together forming a circle, you can already put the ribbon around it. Aside

from hiding the plastic design of the diapers, the ribbon can also appear as an additional design.

To complete the design, put some add-ons beside the ribbon.



For practical reasons, the size of the diapers used in the cake should be bigger than the

size of the recipient. In this way, the mother will be able to enjoy the diaper cakes long enough

before tearing it apart.



If there are any perishable items in the diaper cakes, make sure to inform the recipients

about it. This is to maintain the nice appearance of the cake and if possible, never use items

that are edible or perishable. Normally, plastic toys are being used as designs in diaper cakes.


How to Create Simple Diaper Cakes


If you have no idea on how to create simple diaper cakes, you don’t have to worry. A diaper

cake can easily be learned as long as there is a willingness to do it. At this point, you will learn

how to go about a very simple diaper cake that can be given as a present.



First, think of a theme or design for your diaper cake. It is important to know what you

want and how your cake should look like. Determine whether you will use a cartoon character,

animals, superheroes, or as simple as putting a baby stuff in the middle.



Once you have decided on what design to use for your diaper cakes, you can make a

simple sketch in order to visualize it properly. With this sketch, you can make some

adjustments on your diaper cakes. The most important purpose of a sketch is to determine


whether your idea is feasible or not. If it can’t be done, you can easily make some modifications.



Once you have finalized your design, you can start gathering all the materials needed for

your diaper cakes. You can start by determining what diaper brand to use and then make your

way to the add-ons. In addition, secure the tools and equipment needed for the whole process.



Before you start creating diaper cakes, make sure to roll each diaper properly. After

rolling it, use a rubber band for stability. Alternatively, you can also use glue for ultimate hold.

However, this is only applicable for diaper cakes that will only be used as a center piece.



Get a cardboard and cut it in a circle or rectangle depending on your preference. Make

sure that you are using a hard cardboard since this will be the base of the diaper cake.



Once you have rolled the diapers, start building your design by assembling it at the base.

If you know that the diapers will be used after the occasion, you can make use of rubber bands

to hold the position. It is important that all diapers stay in the right position in order to make up

an elegant diaper cake.



Once all diapers are positioned, put the add-ons to complete the different designs for

diaper cakes.


In building diaper cakes, technical skills are not required. All you need to do is to come up with

designs that you think will be appreciated by the recipients of your diaper cakes.

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