If it is your first time to see diaper cakes, you will surely mistakenly think of it as a regular cake.

It actually looks very much similar to an edible cake with its shape, design and composition.

Just like a regular cake, diaper cakes can have single or multiple layers depending on the

preferences of both the buyer and the receiver. Diaper cakes are also designed using different

themes just like how it is done with edible cakes.


From a distance, diaper cakes are very attractive and enticing that you want to cut a big slice

for dessert. Just like a regular cake, several add-ons are placed to make it pleasing to the eyes

of all who will glance at it. If you were to put a diaper cake at the centerpiece, it would surely

catch the attention of anyone in the room.


How Do You Easily Make It?


Diaper cakes are easy to make for those who love arts and crafts. A person with artistic hands

will find it easy to create diaper cakes with little effort to exert. However, for a person who is

not into arts, it may be quite challenging. Building diaper cakes is not as easy as putting them

all together. In fact, it follows some steps in order to come up with a nice piece of art.



The first thing to do is to create a theme or design for your diaper cakes. To make this

easy, ask the buyer for the type of occasion, baby’s gender, favorite theme if any, and other

personal preferences. From there, create an elegant and unique design.



You can also make a draft in order to see how your diaper cakes will look like. A simple

sketch will do just to make sure that all the elements needed are included. This is also where

you can make changes and adjustments on the design to come up with the best result.



Before you start creating diaper cakes, make sure to prepare all the materials needed.

Decide on what diaper brand to use, and gather materials needed such as glue, rubber bands,

add-ons, ribbons, measuring and tools, and many more.



Once the materials are complete, start putting the diapers together from the bottom all

the way to the top.



Once the structure is filled with diapers, start designing the theme. If you will design a

cartoon theme, you can already put the cartoon character icon in its place. If you want to put a

baby stuff like baby bottle, you can already look for its perfect spot.


What Materials Are Needed?


There are certain materials needed in building diaper cakes. Most of the materials are used in

putting the diapers together and executing the design properly. Here are some of the common

materials that you will need:



Diapers – This is the most important material needed in making diaper cakes. Any brand

of diapers can be used, so you can just decide on what works best for you. If you are on a

limited budget, you can buy the cheapest brand for diapers or the most expensive one if you

are very particular with the brand. For some who intend to use the diapers after, they can

choose a quality brand. However, if you are planning to use the diaper cake for display

purposes only, just make use of cheap diapers to save some money.



Add-ons – Add-ons refer to the additional things used in completing the theme or

design for diaper cakes. If your chosen theme is a baby stuff, add-ons are bibs, pacifiers, rattles,

teething ring, bottles and many more. For cartoon themes, they usually make use of a cartoon

character icon placed in the middle part of the cake.



Coloring materials – If the chosen theme of the diaper cake is colorful in nature, you

also need to prepare your coloring materials. There are several options for the coloring

materials such as water color, pastel, paint, crayons and anything that can be used to give color

and life into your design.



Glue – In order to complete a diaper cake, diapers should be put altogether to form the

desired theme. In connection to that, an option would be the use of glue to paste them

together, or the use of rubber bands to tie them altogether. This will depend on how sturdy you

want your diaper cakes are.



Cutting materials – In building your diaper cake, you may need to cut some materials.

Make sure that you always have a pair of scissors or a handy cutter.



Cardboard – This is also important since it will make up the base of your diaper cakes.

This is usually cut into a circle or rectangle depending on your preference. From there, you can

put the rolled diapers together and start to build your theme.



Ribbons – Colorful ribbons are useful in the finishing touches of your chosen design. It is

normally put in order to hide the white diapers and make it colorful and attractive.


The Costs of Building a Diaper Cake


The costs of diaper cakes differ depending on the materials and theme to create. Whether you

have limited budget or willing to spend an extra, you can really enjoy building your own diaper


cakes. Moreover, you can make some adjustments with the materials anytime, so you are able

to control the costs whether you are buying it from a store or making one for yourself.



Diaper cakes can be very expensive if the person buying or making it is particular with

the brand of diaper to use. While there are several cheap brands for diapers, some brands are

indeed expensive. If you want to make a diaper cake on a limited budget, one good advice is to

look around and check for diaper prices. You are expected to spend a little if you use the

cheapest brand of diapers; otherwise, you need to adjust your budget.



If you prefer low cost diaper cakes, you can choose the one with the simplest design.

This refers to a design that doesn’t require a lot of add-ons. One simple design for a diaper cake

is a pure white with a small bear in the middle. On the other hand, you can pay much if you

have chosen a diaper cake that requires a lot of add-ons for a detail-oriented theme.



Diaper cakes can be a little expensive when bought inside the malls or specialty stores.

This is for the reason that stores incur additional expenses like the rental fees. If you want to

find cheaper diaper cakes, you can try to look for those who sell them from home.


Reminders in Making Diaper Cakes


In the process of creating your own diaper cakes, it is important to have a certain level of

creativity in order to come up with a unique design. Though it is not really required to be

highly-creative, it is a must to have a basic knowledge in designing. Diaper cakes are known to

be attractive and unique; therefore, the design is an important consideration. Before you start

making a diaper cake, it will be a big benefit to know if the diapers will be used for the baby or

as a centerpiece only. In this way, you will be able to adjust the costs of your diaper cakes.

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