Though diaper cakes are not edible like the regular cakes we came to love, their popularity

continues to increase and appreciated by many. In fact, they make good gifts for expectant

mothers and for those who have occasions like christening and birthdays. This type of cake has

become one of the top choices for these two ocassions.


When attending occasions like baby showers, christening and birthdays, invitees tend to run

out of gift ideas. It seems so normal to buy clothes, shoes, baby bottles and other stuff, and this

became an inspiration to come up with great discoveries for gift ideas. Diaper cakes are good

gifts for babies because they are dual-purpose gifts for two reasons. First, it is so presentable

that everyone who will look at it will be amazed and regard it as an impressive gift. Second,

diaper cakes can be used by babies as diapers. The recipient has the option whether to use the

diapers or just make them as a keepsake.


Why Moms Prefer to Receive Diaper Cakes


Aside from the usual gift ideas for babies, parents (especially mothers) prefer to receive diaper

cakes due to several reasons. It still gives a lot of benefits to whoever receives it. Some of them

are the following:



Diaper cakes can make good center pieces. During baby showers and other children

occasions, it can be placed in the middle of a table where it can attract a lot of attention. Due to

different artistic themes and designs, party visitors will surely take a second glance.



Diaper cakes can also be placed in a gift table. Just like a centrepiece, it looks good with

other gifts.



Though it can’t be eaten just like the regular cakes, diaper cakes are still considered

useful. After the occasion, mothers have an option to use the diapers that were used in the




Diaper cakes are one of the best gift ideas. Aside from being unique, they are also used

as giveaways.



Diaper cakes are considered practical gifts because they can be used by babies after the



Variations of Diaper Cakes


Diaper cakes are unique because they are hand-made cakes. This means that they are skilfully

created by artistic individuals, who make use of unique designs and themes, depending on the


occasion. The creator of diaper cakes continuously think of designs and themes in order to

provide options to consumers.


Diaper cakes’ design varies depending on several factors such as baby’s gender, type of

occasion, budget, recipient, brand, other personal preferences and the theme for the occasion.

Consumers can make their personal preferences in order to come up with the best design

perfect for the baby’s special day.


Baby shower- If you are an expectant mother and want to have a baby shower, you can add

diaper cakes on your gift registry list. Aside from making a practical choice, attendees of the

baby shower will also find it convenient to buy. As compared to regular cakes or any foods,

they can be messy and inconvenient to bring. With diaper cakes, you can attend a baby shower

without any worries that your gift won’t appreciated. Some of the common designs of diaper

cakes for baby showers include pink or blue diaper cake, baby stuff as the theme, bears, and

many more. Designs and patterns for baby showers normally include themes meant for either a

boy or a girl.


Christening- Even on postnatal, diaper cakes can still be popular and in demand. Christening is

just one of the many occasions when it can be used as a gift. Normally, attendees give different

kinds of gifts, and this is just one of the best. Since christening is usually celebrated during the

child’s first three months, diaper cakes can still be used. During christening, diaper cakes make

use of themes similar to baby showers.


Birthdays- A year after the baby shower, diaper cakes can still be useful. It can be a gift for the

first birthday celebration. A baby, who is a year old, still uses a diaper that is why this is still a

good gift idea. During this occasion, there are more designs and available themes as compared

to those made purposely for baby showers. Diaper cakes given during birthdays can make use

of themes like Disney characters, Warner Brothers, Marvel super heroes, popular music icons,

custom ideas and many more.


Who Can Receive Diaper Cakes?


Diaper cakes can be given and received by different recipients. It can be useful, not only for the

baby, but also to the parents of the baby who is celebrating the special occasion.


Expectant mothers – When a pregnant woman reaches the 7th month onwards, a baby shower

can already be organized. Baby showers are celebrated to commemorate the arrival of a baby.

This is done by giving gifts to both parents, especially to the expectant mother. The concept of

baby shower is to “shower” the mother with gifts, and diaper cakes is one of the gifts you can

give. Aside from gifts, foods and games are also being prepared to make the celebration alive

and memorable. If tradition is to be followed, baby showers are only given to the first born


because it is a time where lessons and knowledge on becoming a mother are being shared.

However, in the present time baby showers can also be given on the succeeding children after

the first born.


Infants or babies – Originally, diaper cakes are intended for the babies. Once the baby is born,

this gift can be of great help. There are some mothers who prefer not to use the diapers found

on the diaper cakes, but others wants to use them. The number of diapers varies depending on

the size of the cake, but it is still an enough supply of diapers for several days.


Parents – Parents are also recipients of diaper cakes because they can use the gift as a

keepsake. As mentioned earlier, not all mothers prefer to use the diapers, so others use the

cakes as a way of remembering the special occasion. It can also be stored in a safe place or be

put in a spot where it can be seen by visitors often.


Pointers to Remember About Diaper Cakes


The purpose of a diaper cake isn’t obvious. In fact, most people mistakenly think of it as edible

cakes. Nevertheless, diaper cakes have many uses.


There are two concepts associated with diaper cakes. Those who created this beautiful

innovation were thinking of two purposes for this gift idea. First, it makes a great centerpiece

instead of using flowers. With several varieties available, this cake can match the theme

of different occasions. During a certain occasion, it can be put at the center table in order

to attract attention. Second, expectant mothers can keep all diapers for the baby once the

occasion is done. This helps the parents by adding it on their diaper supplies.


The next time you attend a baby shower and run out of gift ideas, make sure to include diaper

cakes on your list. Definitely, it will surely benefit the recipient due to the creative ways on how

to use diaper cakes as gifts on various occasions.

Diaper Cakes – What You Need to Know About the Process